sloansmoans - tiny man sucks giant tits


sloansmoans - tiny man sucks giant tits
Watch as you wake up as a tiny man in the possession of a gentle giantess. She's sweet and kind to you and sees that you're nervous and afraid of her mouth and big boobies. She reassures you that her mouth is only for licking and making out with you. Throughout the scene she gives you loving and passionate kisses to prove this to you. She tells you that her big, warm, soft tits are to nurture you and give you all the nutrients you need to survive. She notices that you get hard while she's describing her tits and she encourages you to stroke your cock. She tells you she wants to nurse you and stick her nipples in your mouth for you to suckle on. What do you say, little man? Will you dare?... enjoy me, xo GIANTESS/VORE/MOUTH FETISH/TIT WORHSIP/NIPPLE SUCKING

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