sloansmoans - making brother disappear


sloansmoans - making brother disappear
*POV angles and props are used in this vore interpretation* I’m amazed to discover my little brother shrunken down to a tiny little man - he's so relieved to have finally been spotted and rescued by one of his now, giant family members. It's so dangerous, Mom could have hoovered him up doing housework, not seeing him! I’m initially sympathetic - but then abruptly change when I realise no one knows he's tiny or that I have him. I could keep it a secret easily. I admit to him that I don’t love or care about him and this would be the perfect opportunity to get rid of him for good. I decide to secretly keep him, humiliate, degrade and torment my tiny brother and use him as a masturbation toy for my pussy. I tease him and as he becomes more and more restless, I become hornier. I sensually pump him in and out of my pussy, loving every moment of it. Not only the physical feeling of having him inside me, but loving the sight of seeing him covered in my juices. He begs me to stop and I remind him that he’s powerless. I take him up to my face and drop saliva on him as I tease him with my open mouth. Hmmm, I want more. I take him back into my gushing pussy, but just before I cum I stop… Big sister is going to get rid of her little brother for good - and it's going to make her cum. Licking my lips as his screams turn me on, I explain he'll be in his own sisters mouth, unable to save himself as he slips closer and closer to my tonsils, until he slips over the edge and slides inside me to lose his life inside me. Selfish big sister doesn't love or care about him. I lower him in and swallow him down my throat, rubbing my belly and pussy as I cum. Yummy… enjoy me, xo VORE/GIANTESS/FEMDOM/TABOO/BROTHER AND SISTER/MOUTH FETISH/SPIT/CLOSE UPS, Size: 2 GB

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