sloansmoans - brother won't stop


sloansmoans - brother won't stop
CUSTOM FOR PAOLO: Watch as your sister is hanging out in her room when all of a sudden you, her brother, barge in and start taking her clothes off. She’s reluctant and angry, she can’t believe her brother would do this! She tries to get you to stop but as she kicks her feet at you she realizes that her feet turn you on too. She tells you that you’re so dirty and nasty for liking her soles. This turns you on and you lay her down on her back. Her eyes grow wide as you take your cock out. She tells you how wrong it is as you rub your cock on her little pussy. She tells you you’re such a perv and she’s so disgusted. You start fucking her in missionary as her feet wave in your face. She can’t believe this is happening. As you’re fucking her she tells you to stop looking at her feet because it’s making her wet. It starts to feel good for her for a little but then she snaps back as she realizes it’s you who’s fucking her. She feels you throbbing and she knows you’re about to cum. She begs you not to cum in her pussy because then she’ll be pregnant! You don’t care and you cum inside her anyway. She feels it spray deep inside her. She looks at you with a look of pleasure, anger and disgust. You take your dick out and she spreads her pussy to show you what a mess you’ve made… enjoy me, xo IMPREGNATION/FOOT FETISH/SISTER ROLE PLAY/TABOO

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