sloansmoans - blackmailing your intern


sloansmoans - blackmailing your intern
CUSTOM FOR MATT: Watch as you call your intern into your office because she’s been underperforming and you’re about to let her go… She knows what’s coming and tells you that she’s so sorry for being distracted. She tells you that she’ll do anything to keep her position. This gives you an idea. You tell her to strip for her if she wants to stay. She’s reluctant as first, so shy and unsure of herself but she complies. She strips down and talks about how naughty this is. How wrong it is because you’re married and she has boyfriend. She thinks there’s no way her unexperienced self could compare to the women that you’re used to. But as she gets naked and sees how excited you are, she tells you she wants your cock in your mouth. You can’t help but take your throbbing cock out for her. She gives you a sensual blowjob while dirty talking about how sexy you are and how naughty this is. She doesn’t stop there though… She wants you to fuck her. She rides your cock as you sit on your desk chair and she becomes more dominant. She knows you love the feel of her pussy so much. She hears a noise and tries to hush her moans so you two aren’t caught. After bouncing on your cock she tells you to pound her pussy. She clears off your desk and lays with her legs spread, ready for you to fuck her. You fuck her so hard until she’s crying out and her pussy gets so drippy and creamy. She asks you if you’re going to keep her as an employee even though she knows you are. She tells you that you can have her pussy as often as you want because you won’t be able to live without her now. She begs for your cum and you can’t stop yourself from giving her a cream pie… enjoy me, xo ROLE PLAY/BLACKMAIL FANTASY/STRIPTEASE/ DILDO FUCKING/DILDO SUCKING/IMPREGNATION

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