sloansmoans - an interview with the supreme giantess


sloansmoans - an interview with the supreme giantess
Watch as I become a Giant Goddess and find a tiny bug man in my palace. I’m about to crush him but he tells me he is a reporter from the last tiny free city and he’s looking for an interview with the Supreme Goddess that rules the world. I'm feeling generous today and agree. I teasingly and devilishly answer a series of questions, touching on the fact that I use tiny men for everything: snacks, slaves, toys and even sex toys. As I answer the little bug mans questions, I start getting horny thinking about how powerful I am. I snack on some men as I chat and I love the CRUNCH they make as I chew them up. After the interview, I tell the reporter that if he wants to live, he must tell me where the last free city is… I then give him an option of what his fate will be… enjoy me, xo VORE/GIANTESS/SFW/TALKING/INTERVIEW, Size: 2.28 GB

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