Larkin Love - You'll Never Cum Again


Larkin Love - You'll Never Cum Again
This video was a custom commission. To create your own custom video, email [email protected] for a price quote) It's been a whole week, my slave. Remember the pride you felt when I took you on as my own and bestowed upon you the honor of my guidance? Remember the heady mix of fear, frustration, and joy you felt when I revoked your orgasm privileges? I did not do this out of anger. You suffer no punishment. The pain of denial serves a higher purpose. I'm doing this to you to set you free. You were a prisoner of your own desires; you were a slave to your body. Now that you are my slave, your orgasms belong to me. Have you been well behaved lately? Let me inspect you. I want to see that you haven't been cumming against my orders. Very good. I can tell by the way your balls hang that you haven't had release since I told you to abstain. But have you been jerking off as I asked? The exercise of orgasm denial is pointless unless you bring yourself to the brink of release before turning back. Avoiding temptation altogether diminishes the power of the ordeal. I want you to jerk off for me now. Look at my body and breasts. Feel your desire. Let your lust rise and jerk your cock for me. Be careful. Ride the rail between pleasure and satisfaction. Show me your self control. I demand absolute focus. Stroke your dick while I tease you - but don't you dare cum. ORGASM DENIAL - FEMALE DOMINATION - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - ORGASM CONTROL - TEASE AND DENIAL - CHASTITY - BIG TITS - CALM, COLD, AND CONTROLLING MISTRESS, Size: 103.69 MB

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