Larkin Love - Very Eager Tongue


Larkin Love - Very Eager Tongue
Today I really flex some tongue muscle, smiling sweetly all the while. Excellent views of my tongue from every side and angle! I open my mouth as wide as it will go, letting saliva run down my flattened tongue until it collects at the tip. Then, I extend my tongue in all directions, first in a slow circle, then in a rapid helicopter motion. I lick my lips, chin, and even my nose! Look at the powerful veins and muscles on the underside of my tongue. No wonder I can reach so far with it. I open my mouth again slowly, closing my eyes with pleasure, enjoying secret sexual thoughts. I flick my tongue quickly in and out of my mouth. I slowly undulate the middle of the muscle and then flick just the tip, arching my tongue into a serpentine shape few humans can ever achieve. A thick coating of saliva glistens in my throat and on my uvula. You can see my moist, red tonsils quivering in the back of my mouth as I open wide, look you deep in the eyes, and make my tongue dance for you. Before long, a pool of spit forms under my chin, dripping onto my lap. Wet, flexing, eager to please - my tongue is simply divine. Let my seductive stare draw you in. My tongue will seal the deal. (1920 X 1080 resolution, mp4 format) TONGUE FETISH - MOUTH FETISH - SPIT FETISH - LICKING - SWALLOWING/DROOLING - FACE FETISH, Size: 346.52 MB

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