Larkin Love - Underwater Beauty


Larkin Love - Underwater Beauty
For those of you who marvel at the beauty of a woman's body, feast your eyes on this stunning clip. Shot entirely underwater! Filmed in HD at 120 frames per second, the high speed camera misses no detail of my perfect form as I lounge like a mermaid at the bottom of the pool in a latex pin-up girl outfit. In 8 inch black stiletto heels, I swim as spritely as a water nymph. Enjoy long flexing legs, bouncing boyant breasts, and zero gravity upskirts. My cherry red lips smile coyly at you as I remove my clothing piece by piece and enjoy the freedom of skinny dipping in my latex panties. Exquisite slow motion footage set to an original score creates an etherial erotic film specifically designed to ease your brain into calm, focused theta waves. UNDERWATER - SLOW MOTION - PIN UP - UPSKIRT - BIG TITS - BOUNCING BOOBS - LATEX - SWIMMING - FLOWING HAIR - RED LIPS - BUBBLES - OTHERWORLDLY BEAUTY, Size: 81.42 MB

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big tits underwater fetish latex swimming slow motion