Larkin Love - Tongue Sucking And Kissing With Gummies


Larkin Love - Tongue Sucking And Kissing With Gummies
When I went shopping today, I couldn't resist picking up a pack of sweet, sticky gummy worms. I love candy! So does my friend Lynn. Her eyes light up when she sees the brightly colored sweets in my candy dish. She asks me if we can share the goodies. "Of course," I tell her, putting one end of a gummy worm in my mouth and inviting her to chomp on the other. The minute we taste the sugar, our saliva starts to flow, coating the gummy candy and making it slippery and soft. We pass the worm back and forth, sucking and nibbling on our respective ends. Sometimes, our lips meet in the middle for a sticky-sweet kiss. Feeling cheeky, I stick out my tongue and Lynn sucks on the tip at the same time as she sucks on the gummy worm. As the worm starts to dissolve, we chomp the squishy gummy with our teeth. The candy breaks in the middle. We pass broken pieces of gummy worm between our mouths, kissing and slurping, until the candy is nothing but a sugary memory. Then we pick up another gummy worm and do it all over again! (Starring Larkin Love and Lynn Pops) TONGUE FETISH - MOUTH FETISH - CANDY EATING - GUMMY CHEWING - KISSING - TONGUE SUCKING - LESBIAN - PASSING CANDY BETWEEN MOUTHS - SLURPING - LICKING - BRUNETTES, Size: 432 MB

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