Larkin Love - Tied And Creampied Office Slut


Larkin Love - Tied And Creampied Office Slut
I'm working late at the office, still wearing my business clothes, when I hear a strange noise. Someone's breaking in! The sinister intruder approaches me. I offer him my purse, but that isn't enough to satisfy him. He ties me to a chair and molests my breasts, pinching, slapping, bouncing, and rubbing oil all over them. When I complain, he stuffs a ball gag into my mouth. I try to struggle, but it feels so good, I can't help but get turned on. I let him push his thick cock into my mouth. He rams it deep into my throat, pushing my head down to take it even deeper. I can't help but obey. Before I know it, I'm begging him to fuck me on the break-room table. He gives me a thorough pounding before cumming deep inside me.(1920 x 1080 resolution, mp4 format)Contains the following erotic elements: CREAMPIE - SECRETARY - DOGGY STYLE - BLOW JOB - DEEP THROAT - BONDAGE - TIT PLAY - LOTION/OIL FETISH- BALL GAG, Size: 1.56 GB

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