Larkin Love - Therapist Turns You Gay With Trance


Larkin Love - Therapist Turns You Gay With Trance
In this therapy practice, I specialize in helping men dispel unwanted sexual urges. You've been plagued lately by bi-curious thoughts - so much in fact, that it's hurting your ability to connect sexually with female partners. In my professional opinion, you don't need medication or anything that drastic. These gay fantasies are merely an expression of a past traumatic event. If we put you in a trance state, perhaps we can confront the issue head-on and thereby resolve your craving for homosexual contact. Sound good? Excellent. Just keep your eyes on the swinging pocket watch, and relax . . . . . . Hah, you're under my spell now! Queer-ass loser! I'm not going to "straighten out" a prime cock-sucker in the making like you. Let's see if I can turn you all the way GAY instead! Thanks to your hyper-suggestive state, I can implant any desire I wish into the depths of your subconscious. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be craving the taste of cum 24/7. You'll be so cock-hungry, you won't be able to control yourself around sexy, hung gay studs. Even as your conscious mind is screaming for you to stop, you'll find yourself uncontrollably spreading your asscheeks for a good, deep fucking; to your horror, you'll hear your own voice crying out for anonymous men to shoot their loads deep in your man-whore ass. Today you release your first orgasm as a slutty, dick-crazy gay man, and lick up your own cum from your hands to seal the deal. Welcome to gay life, whether you want it or not! When I snap my fingers, you will wake up: the suggestions I've implanted in your subconscious will remain, but you won't consciously remember a thing. In fact, you'll just think you swooned in my office! IMPOSED BI - STRAP ON - GAY TRAINING - FEMALE DOMINATION - MESMERIZED - MAGIC CONTROL - TRANCE STATE - IMPLANTED SUGGESTIONS AND DESIRES - SWINGING POCKET WATCH - BETRAYAL - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - CUM EATING INSTRUCTION - PANTYHOSE DOMINATION - BIG TITS - BRUNETTE - DEGRADATION - JOI, Size: 169.53 MB

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