Larkin Love - Therapist Induces Gay Size Queen Desires


Larkin Love - Therapist Induces Gay Size Queen Desires
Welcome back for your second session. Still plagued by bisexual urges, huh? I still believe in the healing power of []therapy, so if you're willing to give it another try, we can begin to address your unwanted gay desires. Just relax and keep your eyes on the swinging watch . . . Hah, you fell into a trance even faster than last time! It's such a pity that you trust me, when I'm the one converting you from a regular heterosexual guy to a cocksucking man-slut! Now that you're under my control, open up your pants and take out your cock. We're going to do a little arousal conditioning training. First I'll tease you with my massive tits until your prick stands as stiff as a board. No touching yourself until I say! Then, when your arousal is at its peak, I'll allow you to satisfy your cock while staring at images of extra-large erections. I've selected the biggest dicks I can find, to make sure you imprint on xxl man meat. We'll repeat this process of arousal and masturbation until you're a bona fide size queen. Your orgasm will seal your fate as you shoot your load for the biggest cock of the bunch - a purple, veiny 14 inch juggernaut! From now on, you'll be day dreaming of taking hot loads from gay studs with endowments of equine proportions. Only the biggest, thickest, meatiest cocks can get you off. You'll endure a sore jaw and a stretched-out ass as badges of accomplishment. When I snap my fingers, you'll wake from your trance with my conditioning intact, but no memory of the devious exercise. Instead, you'll think we had a banal conversation about your childhood experience with schoolyard bullies. See you the same time next week . . . Imposed bi - gay training - arousal conditioning - images of big dicks - female domination - magic control - trance state - implanted suggestions and desires - swinging pocket watch - betrayal - masturbation instruction - cum eating instruction - pantyhose domination - big tits - topless - brunette - degradation - joi, Size: 233.46 MB

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