Larkin Love - Therapist Drains Your Balls And Wallet


Larkin Love - Therapist Drains Your Balls And Wallet
Your best friend has been going to this new "Tranquility method relaxation parlor" downtown. He says the girl there not only leaves him feeling completely refreshed, but she gives the best happy endings he's ever had. He's completely hooked and never misses his weekly appointment. This sounds almost too good to be true! You just have to try this place out for yourself. When you arrive for your first session, you're pleased to see that the therapist is a gorgeous brunette with an epic rack. Her low cut dress shows off her tantalizing cleavage just inches away from your face. Hey, no complaints there! There's something truly mind blowing about her breasts. They heave and swell rhythmically like the ocean. You can't take your eyes off them. As she begins your "Meditation training," you feel your tension slipping away, followed by your inhibitions, and even your own free will. Before you know it, the therapist's fantastic breasts and sultry voice are the only things you know or care about. Her every dulcet suggestion is your command. As she tells you to "Unburden" your wallet, you feel exultation at your new found lightness, and as she tells you to disrobe and "Unburden" your balls as well, you can't help but comply. You follow her directions perfectly, and jerk yourself to an explosive orgasm at her signal. When your time is up, she snaps her fingers, bringing you back to the waking world. The details of the session are fuzzy, but you feel amazing. And no matter what, you will be back next week to do it all over again. Starring larkin love Contains the following erotic elements: Masturbation instruction - financial domination - instruction - fetish - breast induced trance- female domination - magical control - jerk-off instruction - femdom - big tits, Size: 549.25 MB

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