Larkin Love - The Queen Of Spit


Larkin Love - The Queen Of Spit
God, I'm so horny, my mouth won't stop salivating for a nice, thick piece of man-meat. I have never produced so much spit in my life! Thick, glistening strands of saliva coat my tongue with a translucent sheen, before dripping off the tip. I wiggle my tongue provocatively, flicking it up and down, side to side, demonstrating my nimble oral skills. Won't you give me something to lick? I'm positively drooling for it! This is the wettest, wildest tongue video I have ever shot. I produce super-human amounts of saliva! Contains the following erotic elements: SPIT FETISH - TONGUE FETISH - MOUTH FETISH - LIP FETISH - LIPSTICK FETISH - RED LIPS - SWALLOWING/DROOLING - WET AND MESSY - TONGUE FLICKING - SPIT BUBBLES - EYE CONTACT, Size: 101.8 MB

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mouth fetish spit fetish tongue fetish swallowing / drooling lip fetish