Larkin Love - Taboo Toilet Slave Step Daddy Licks Ass


Larkin Love - Taboo Toilet Slave Step Daddy Licks Ass
Watch this video and 100's more with unlimited streaming at You're a hardcore pervert, Stepdaddy. I can't believe my mom married such a creep! She doesn't know what you've been up to - but I do! I caught you stealing my sweaty, pussy-creamed panties right out of my dirty clothes hamper after I get home from cheerleading practice. Gross! I know you like to sniff the fragrant little crease where my ass crack has been all day. A man like you is the lowest sort of garbage. The only thing you're good for in my eyes is to be my toilet. You like to smell my dirty ass? You're going to get more than you bargained for. Every day after school, you have to lie on the floor and swallow my full bladder's worth. Catch every golden drop in your mouth. Now lick me clean. My delicate skin is too good for toilet paper, and I don't want to smell all day. Oh, no. You can't get up yet. I'm not done! Open wide, daddy. You've gotta eat every single morsel without dropping a speck - or I'll tell my mom what a filthy fucker you really are. And when I'm done giving you my chocolate, I expect a full tongue bath. Get my pink little rosebud squeaky clean! Starring Larkin Love. Contains the following erotic elements: TABOO - STEPDAUGHTER/STEPDAD ROLE PLAY - TOILET SLAVERY - TOILET FETISH - PANTY WETTING - PEEING - ASSHOLE FETISH - TALKING ABOUT NUMBER TWO - ASSHOLE WINKING - SMELL FETISH - FEMDOM POV - FEMALE DOMINATION - BIG TITS - CHEERLEADER - BLONDE, Size: 423.55 MB

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