Larkin Love - Jay Loves My Tongue


Larkin Love - Jay Loves My Tongue
Jay Taylor and I have been friends for a while now. Today, she confessed to me that she's always had a fascination for my super-long tongue. Of course, I am willing to indulge her interest. What better way to acquaint her with my oral appendage than to part her delicate pink lips and slide it into her mouth? Jay sucks my tongue hungrily, giggling as it tickles the roof of her mouth and back of her throat. I undo her dress and squeeze her pert little nipples as she moans with pleasure. Surely this deep penetrating kiss will lead to something more . . . (1920 X 1080 resolution, 1080P Mp4 format) Contains the following fetishes: TONGUE FETISH - KISSING - LESBIAN - TONGUE SUCKING - TIT SUCKING/NIPPLE FETISH - LICKING- TOPLESS, Size: 434.84 MB

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kissing lesbians licking tongue fetish tit sucking / nipple fetish