Larkin Love - Craving French Kisses


Larkin Love - Craving French Kisses
Lynn Pops has the most delicious lips. I can't stop thinking about them - perfect, pink and candylike. When she parts them with the tip of her tongue, I'm in love. I just have to kiss her. I can't help myself! When I invite her over, I have a one track mind, fully intending to make my move the moment I get her alone on the couch. To my surprise, she kisses me first, plunging her long wet tongue into my mouth before I can so much as wrap my arms around her. What a thrill! And what a great kisser! She really knows how to use her mouth to turn me on. Soon, I regain my nerve and give her my ultra-long, serpentine tongue to suck on. She obliges. Our tongues play and dance in one of the most intricate, passionate french kisses I've ever experienced. Moments later, our tops come off. Before I can so much as speak, Lynn flicks her tongue over my nipples, sending shivers down my spine. I happily return the favor, showing her my signature tongue flick on her sensitive nerves. Our heated bodies draw close as the sexual desire between us glows like an ember. TONGUE FETISH - LESBIAN - FRENCH KISSING - TONGUE SUCKING - TONGUE TOUCHING - LICKING - NIPPLE PLAY - NIPPLE SUCKING - BIG TITS - BRUNETTES - GIRL-GIRL, Size: 79.37 MB

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