Larkin Love - Advanced Cum Eating Academy Lesson 4


Larkin Love - Advanced Cum Eating Academy Lesson 4
Lesson 4, Advanced Cum Eating Academy - Cum Play Extravaganza . This is my ADVANCED Cum Eating Academy series. I highly recommend you complete the BEGINNER Cum Eating Academy series before attempting this video. You can find the first 9 lessons here on manyvids. This is Part 4 of the advanced series, be sure to watch the first three. You'll need the load of cum you saved from Lesson 3 to complete this task. You can't proceed without it. The male mind is prone to fixation prior to orgasm and disinterest afterwards. So many of my cum-whores in training want to go for style points and play with their fresh semen, but once they've released, it holds no appeal. I have the solution. I will instruct you through a series of scandalous maneuvers reserved for the filthiest of cum-guzzlers, using your reserved semen from the prior lesson. You'll be playing with your old load while working up a new one. There's no guessing where this messy, twisted game will end. Follow my instructions and find out! Contains the following erotic elements: CUM EATING INSTRUCTION - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - CUM PLAY - MASTURBATION GAMES- FEMALE DOMINATION - DEGRADATION - FEMDOM POV - JOI. Starring Larkin Love, Size: 469.34 MB

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