Larkin Love - Advanced Cum Eating Academy Lesson 1


Larkin Love - Advanced Cum Eating Academy Lesson 1
I highly recommend that you make it through the lessons in my first Cum Eating Academy series before attempting this series. Once you've prepared your body and mind, take a walk on the wild side with me. I'm here to teach you the similarities between men and women. Surprise! We have more in common than you think! I'm going to teach you a technique to experience a very close approximation of the female orgasm. What better way to deepen your appreciation for cum than to than to turn on your slut side for a while? This is meant to open up your mind, not humiliate you. Don't be afraid. You're going to need two pairs of panties for this assignment. Once you have them on hand, you can begin the first round of preparation. A proper female orgasm takes time. This is not your usual stroking session. You'll learn an entirely new way to handle your cock so that it feels like a "clit." You really will cum like a girl! Contains the following erotic elements: CUM EATING INSTRUCTION - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - CROSSDRESSING - FEMALE DOMINATION - PANTY FETISH - FEMDOM POV - JOI - JERK OFF INSTRUCTION. Starring Larkin Love, Size: 537.95 MB

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