Korina Kova - Massage creampie


Korina Kova - Massage creampie
This was a custom and I do say his name in the video........You are a sexy masseuse who is giving me a massage. I'm thinking black booty shorts with a thong showing underneath, and a low cut black top that exposes part of your stomach. Start by massaging me (imagine I'm laying on my back facing you) with oil and making small talk before you start to use it on yourself. You notice how hard you're getting me so you strip and start to rub me with your tits and body. Then pull out my cock and suck sensually using a lot of tongue before riding it cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and asking for me to fuck your harder and deeper. By this point it would be great if your body was glistening from using the oil on it. End by begging a huge load into your pussy while you ride ass facing the camera. If you're comfortable with it, it would be great to include lots of dirty talk including heavy use of what a slut you are and how you love it (this turns me on but understand if you don't want to do it). Also occasional use of my name, Size: 191.1 MB

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