Korina Kova - I will do all the work


Korina Kova - I will do all the work
This was a custom vid and you can get one too...... Here's my scenario. I imagine that you're walking into a bedroom, fully clothed. You say I look tired, like a need a break, and need you to do the work. You then teasingly take off your clothes, revealing your teal bra/panties. In a fairly recent photo, I've seen you in those and you look RIDICULOULY hot in that color. Maybe the contrast with your skin and fit with your eyes? Anyway, I already need to towel off. ;-). So, back to the scenario. I'd really love it if you walked toward me and away from me with a killer "you don't know what you're about to get" look in your eyes. Your ass is fantastic and I'd just love to see you walk. You then pull out my cock and teasing go down on me until I am just about to come. Then, you fully strip and climb on top of me. Reverse cowboy first, again looking back at me. Arching your back as if I were under/behind you and could grab your breasts. Then you turn around. What I am thinking is that the pov is me looking up at you, with your breasts hanging down into my face. would love to hear you come. Then, you hop off me just as I am about to come and get me off with your mouth, as I come all over your face and chest, Size: 167.05 MB

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