Korina Kova - Full HD Korina fucks her new neighbour


Korina Kova - Full HD Korina fucks her new neighbour
This was a custom and his name is used, this is virtual sex shot POV solo with cumming dildo....I just moved into the apartment next door and I have come over to your place to introduce myself. You really think I'm hot so you invite me in and we start talking. We are sitting on a couch talking and you are trying to seduce me but I tell you I have a girlfriend but you don't care. (Will you lay on your stomach facing the camera with your feet crossed behind you during this part). Spend a few minutes in this position while looking at the camera and smiling. You start to flirt with me and ask me if I'm staring at your ass. You stand up and pull down your jeans down to your thighs and jiggle your butt cheeks and ask me if I like that. You say that you have a nice ass and that you also have great tits. Take off the shirt and throw it at me and squeeze and caress your breasts. Take your pants off and then take your thong off slowly while you are looking at me. Then do some ass shaking and twerking and tell me that you're going to fuck me right now and you don't care if I have a girlfriend. You get aggressive and you take out my dick (white dildo) and you start to suck it. Do this for a few minutes with your face close to the camera to show off those beautiful eyes. After a few minutes make it look like I cum in your mouth. Show spit dripping off your tongue and then make it look like you swallow cum. Then you tell me you're going to fuck me now. You climb on top of me and ride me while dirty talking. I love when you dirty talk. (Can you have the same camera angle where your face and breasts are above the camera like at the 3:00 minute mark in your video Huge-tit-worshipJOE-with-countdown.) After a few minutes of this you have an orgasm while saying my name. Then you have me get on top in the missonary position (can you set up the camera where it looks like I'm on top? If not then we can leave this part out.) We fuck like this for a few minutes and you have another orgasm while saying my name. Then get back on top and ride me again for a few minutes. You then tell me you want me to cum again but this time you want it on your tits. Titfuck the dildo for a few minutes with eye contact and make it cum between your boobs. Rub the cum in and spit on your tits while looking at me. Then tell me that you think I have one more load for you. Give the dildo a footjob for a few minutes and then give it a fast hand job and make it squirt on your hands and boobs. You then ask me if my girlfriend ever made me cum three times. Then you smile and tell me it was nice to meet me and that I should get back home before my girlfriend gets home. Tell me you will stop by tomorrow to meet her, Size: 1.86 GB

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