Korina Kova - Evil Queen: Sex Toy Spell


Korina Kova - Evil Queen: Sex Toy Spell
This was a custom and a trial run to get more into cosplay, and if you are after hardcore this one is not the scene.... I have plenty of those to choose from Scene: Room with Magic Mirror. We see the Queen standing in front of it admiring herself nearly naked in front of the mirror, wearing only a crown, high heels and cape. She caresses herself and begins to rub her clitoris and vagina. Evil Queen: (Seductively)Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the hottest one of all? Magic Mirror: (Sardonically)You my mistress are hot, tis true. But Snow White has a hotter rack than you. Evil Queen: Impossible!!! The royal huntsman was supposed to have taken care of her. Magic Mirror: Alas, my Queen. She easily seduced him. Evil Queen: (Becomes Angry) He tricked me, but he will pay later. Time to pay that little slut a visit! In a determined huff, the Evil Queen storms out of the mirror room. Transition shot into next room. In the next shot, we see a potion table. We see books and a cauldron along with some candles, along with a skull and potion book. Evil Queen: I know a way I can tempt that slut Snow White. (Begins to look through Spell Book) Ah, here we go. She won’t be able to resist this. The most pleasurable sex toy!!! Evil Queen: Now let’s see (Begins to look at ingredients. She begins to pour a series of vials and beakers of water into the cauldron) And to complete the spell, a vial of my pussy juices (small beaker of water). Evil Queen: (Pulls the dildo from the cauldron) Now, to seal it’s appeal. (Begins to suck on it for a short time. The Queen becomes aroused as she sucks. She then begins to insert it into her vagina becoming more aroused) Evil Queen: (After finishing, she places it in the basket on the table) I will need to disguise myself to fool her. But, who shall I go as? (She begins to flip a couple of pages) Ah, yes. I shall go as an old woman. She won't suspect that. Evil Queen: (The Queen begins to prepare the disguise potion.) Spider’s Venom to give me wrinkles, and shroud me in a robe black as night. To whiten my hair, a scream of and a drop of nipple milk to finish it nicely. (Stirs the liquid) Now, begin thy magic spell. (Slowly raises glass to lips and drinks the potion. Places the glass back on the table. The effects of the potion begin to take hold and the Queen begins to shudder and moan grabbing at her throat and rubbing her body in both pain and pleasure. Add lightning and thunder sound clips in the background) Evil Queen: Oh…..oh…..yes. Mmmmm, it is working, but.....my skin . It feels like it is being stretched and now look. LOOK!! MyBREASTS…MY BREASTS! They are changing…..Ohhhhh. (The Queen then disappears behind the table. A few seconds pass and an evil laugh is heard after the moaning stops.The Queen’s disguise is now complete. She emerges from the floor no longer naked, but cloaked in a black hooded robe. We then see her face, no longer beautiful but with some wrinkles drawn in...

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