Kitzi Klown - Worlds Fattest Man


Kitzi Klown - Worlds Fattest Man
My circus is holding auditions for the Fattest Man On Earth! Andy is a hopeful- he was once voted World's Fattest Man in high school, and he has only gotten bigger and bigger since then! I adore his big belly, but...he could be fatter. I tell Andy he would be perfect for the circus, if only he gains MORE weight. He readily agrees, hooray! Andy admits he is ALWAYS hungry. I stuff him full of magical circus peanuts- each one has 1,000 calories!! I rub Andy's giant belly as he chews, loving on it and encouraging his gluttony. I swear I can FEEL him getting bigger! He's going to be GIGANTIC, bigger than the elephants and any circus tent we own!, Size: 356.08 MB

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