Kitzi Klown - Turning Clownie Into A Sissy Doll


Kitzi Klown - Turning Clownie Into A Sissy Doll
Clownie has been quite the naughty little biscuit. He's mouthy and rude, PLUS Mina and I feel he is destroying our stage set. Its just not SEXY to see two hot girls on stage with a clunky MAN! He's bringing down our image. We TRY to bring it up with Clownie civilly, but the freak goes bonkers. He gets overly defensive, blaming my "man chin" and Mina's lackluster performance for the drop in ticket sales. WE WON'T STAND FOR IT!! We magically transform Clownie into a dainty, pretty little clown doll, MUCH MORE APPROPRIATE FOR OUR STAGE SHOW. Clownie is helpless as Mina and I take our frustrations out on his new plastic body. We beat him against the bed, SLAP HIM SILLY, and smother him under our feet. He can't even scream through his frozen smile as we destroy him. Serves him right! Featuring: @clowniegiggles and @little_mina69, Size: 374.81 MB

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