Kitzi Klown - Taste The Rainbow Blackmail


Kitzi Klown - Taste The Rainbow Blackmail
I have your personal information. I know your full name, where you live. I have you order history. I know about every video you've bought from me. Most importantly, I'm the only person in your life who knows you jerk off to clowns. That little cocky-wocky of yours gets sooo hard for me. You can't help it. I could out you so easily, you know. I could send a mass email to everyone you know... make a little phone call... is it scary knowing I have so much power over you? You have absolutely zero control over this situation. Exciting. I won't out you as a bozophiliac, hand-humping enthusiast if you do me a little favor. All you have to do is suck my dick. Swallow this giant rainbow. Its so thick and yummy.... you'll barely remember you're being co.erced into it. Deep-throat my dong, strudel. Suck it for me and I'll keep your secret, Size: 637.16 MB

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