Kitzi Klown - Soul Eating Clown


Kitzi Klown - Soul Eating Clown
You have such a fetish for imagining me eating you. You crave the feeling of my soft lips lighting on your flesh, my hard little teeth digging into you, my warm tongue lapping up the mess oozing out. A sensory overload of cannibalistic vore. What you don't seem to understand is I am no mere devourer of humans. When you are eaten by a clown, your soul is also consumed. There is no happy Hereafter for you. Once I eat you, you will cease to exist. Your soul will simply fade to nothingness. I consume not only your flesh, but everything you ever were or ever will be. This is the price to pay for having a gorgeous clown girl eat you alive., Size: 928.76 MB

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femdom role play costume fetish bdsm