Kitzi Klown - Sissy Pacifier


Kitzi Klown - Sissy Pacifier
Oh, you are such a cutie! I've never been a babysitter before, but babes love clowns, so this should be great! Except... that RACKET. Why are you FUSSING like that?! Does the sissy babe want a toy? No? Hmmm, maybe a binky? OH NOES. I FORGOT MY DIAPER BAG!! Ummm ummm umm okay. Wellll.. uh.. did you know clowns actually have pacifiers ATTACHED to their bodies? Yeah, its totally true! Just pop it in your mouth and nurse it. Its super comforting, I promise. Mmmm, now isn't that delicious? Yeah, sissy babes just LOVE sucking clown binkies., Size: 576.77 MB

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