Kitzi Klown - Shrunken Hubby


Kitzi Klown - Shrunken Hubby
Eek! My dear sweet hubby has been shrunken down! You MUST be less than half an inch tall now! We need to get you to a doctor. He can fix this. Gosh, you really are so tiny though. I could overpower you without even trying. I'm a giantess compared to you now. Maybe... maybe we shouldn't go to the doctor just yet. Hear me out. With your newly shrunken body, you're the perfect size to worship me, especially if I keep you in my bra and panties. My body could be your playground. You could live a new life of servitude, pleasuring me with those miniscule hands and that itty bitty mouth., Size: 429.48 MB

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femdom role play dirty talking costume fetish