Kitzi Klown - Sell Your Soul To The Circus


Kitzi Klown - Sell Your Soul To The Circus
You want to sell your soul to the circus. It seems like the ultimate fantasy to you. You can run away with the circus. Spend eternity with the immortal clown of your dreams. You're here now to surrender your old life. You come with the understanding this is no ordinary establishment. This is a dark, enchanted circus. There is no going back after you join us. Once you are a part of this circus, you are here forever. Under my control. Slave to my every whim. You will never leave. You must surrender all aspects of your previous life- possessions, your house, your family, your relationships... your clothing... your free will. Every ounce of your focus and energy will be channeled into The Greatest Show On Earth from here forward. You are my property now. Welcome aboard, strudel, Size: 625.79 MB

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