Kitzi Klown - Naughty Roommate Punishment


Kitzi Klown - Naughty Roommate Punishment
I come home to find that my trap for my NAUGHTY roommate, Doug, worked. I KNEW he was going through my panties and now my shrinking trap worked! I walk in on him still in my panties. I scold him for being a terrible roommate, a very BAD noodle. I'm going to steal his credit card to buy all new panties, and then I will end him! But first... first I will tease him. I show off my luscious clown curves, so much larger than life now that Dougie-boo is so itty-bitty. I know he can't control himself in the presence of my face, body, feet, legs, and especially my clown booty in these shiny leggings. I have fun putting my newly shrunken roommate in my leggings and s.m.othering him in my chest. Eventually he will be put out of his misery... but first we're going to have some fun!
This is a custom video. It is shot POV with the name Doug used. OBVIOUSLY your name doesn't have to be Doug as well to enjoy this video. ;o)

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