Kitzi Klown - Magical Panty Transformation


Kitzi Klown - Magical Panty Transformation
D.rink up. Take one little sip. Its sooo yummy. That's right, gulp it down. D.rinking will ensure we can stay together forever. D.rink it all if you're so inclined. Good boy. Very, very good boy. Did that taste as magical as it looked? Good, because it was enchanted with clown magic. Powerful, old magic. Transformative magic. Can't you feel the changes in you? You're smaller... silkier.. floppier... PINKER! Sooo cute. You've been magically transformed into a pair of clown panties! Aren't you ADORABLE. I'm going to wear you every day for ever and EVER. Doesn't it feel good to be so close to my pussy? We're going to have so much fun. You're going to be with me when I perform... when I juggle and get pied... when I masturbate. You'll even be here between my legs to soak up the cum after the Ringleader fuck me!! You're the luckiest pair of panties in the world, Size: 349.51 MB

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