Kitzi Klown - Loser For The Circus


Kitzi Klown - Loser For The Circus
I love my strudels. I really, truly do. I love how loyally you serve the Circus. How you financially support it. How you love me more than you love any human in your life. But.. its true.. that some of you, no matter how hard and how long you serve me, don't deserve me. You can spend katrillions of dollars on me, send lots of presents, suck my dick Monday through Friday, but you still don't deserve my naked body. You're still not good enough. You'll never be good enough. You're barely even strudels. You're just little losers. Little losers certainly don't deserve naked clowns in their lives. Some human men were just made to be losers. There's no getting around it. You're a LOSER for the CIRCUS, Size: 274.31 MB

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tease & denial humiliation verbal humiliation clowns rejection