Kitzi Klown - Knocked Up In Space


Kitzi Klown - Knocked Up In Space
I did it! I snuck into space! I'm a galactic clown now, strudel! This is sooo much fun. The only problem is, I'm kind of hungry. Do you think I can trust this space food? I'm too hungry to care! Wait... oh, oh no... something's... happening to my body. That alien food is... is... its knocked me up!! OH NO. How could this have happened?! I am in huuuge trouble. Its about to get worse- I'M IN LABOR. I freak out, frantically looking for a place to give birth. Don't aliens have galactic hospitals?! There's nothing to do but sit down right here and PUSH! And PUSH! Aaand PUUUSH! I cry as the alien offspring pops out, panting and scared. Thank goodness its over. But... but... wait. Why am I still having contractions? They hurt so bad! There can't be more in there, right? OHHHH NOOO., Size: 388.52 MB

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