Kitzi Klown - Kitzi And Bippy Elephant Transformation


Kitzi Klown - Kitzi And Bippy Elephant Transformation
My GREATEST WISH has always been to have an elephant. I won a new clowny friend for my birthday, which is FANTASTIC... but I can't help being a TINY bit disappointed. I really would have loved to win the elephant. My new clowny friend notices my disappointment, and excitedly lets me know that since its my birthday, she can grant me ONE WISH using circus magic. I about burst with excitement, and ask if she can pretty pleeease turn herself into an elephant. ITS MAGIC! First big, floppy ears burst from the clown's head!! Her trunk starts to TRUMPET, then turn long and grey, with beautiful white tusks! I squeal and jump in excitement, ready to hop on the elephant's back for a ride! Wheeee!, Size: 228.46 MB

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