Kitzi Klown - Greedy Checkbook Brats


Kitzi Klown - Greedy Checkbook Brats
Your checkbook was lost at the circus. Its a good thing Miss Quin and I kept it safe here at the Lost and Found! It seems there's a problem with your checkbook though... there are too many blank checks in here! Quin and I will remedy this situation for you. We'll take it as thanks for keeping your belongings safe. Let's see... we really should spend your money on our circus. Perhaps a new tent with a trapeze act? Or a new bearded lady? You're powerless against us as we drain your bank account. All your hard work, all the hours you put in- gone in a flash on frivolous expenses like squeaky noses and fun new stilts! It feels sooooo good though, doesn't it? Even as you begin to panic about your depleted funds, you feel oddly complete being drained by a couple of greedy, bratty clown goddesses!, Size: 857.28 MB

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femdom money fetish brat girls clowns findom