Kitzi Klown - Drunkypants Financial Domination


Kitzi Klown - Drunkypants Financial Domination
See, I think you want to be my financial slave, but you have some reservations to get over first. It's a scary process isn't it? The thought of handing your hard-earned cash to a clown does indeed make your cock hard for me but, you're just having a little problem actually going through with it. I'm here to help you with that problem today, my sweet little strudel-dooble. Financial submissiveness doesn't need to be a scary game. You just need a little extra encouragement and courage, right? I want you to have a shot glass and your favorite drinkypoo. Don't worry, we will start out niiice and slow, with oodles of treats thrown in for cooperative behavior., Size: 808.74 MB

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