Kitzi Klown - Diaper Sorcery


Kitzi Klown - Diaper Sorcery
I have never met an audience member so RUDE! I have ways of dealing with whiny, complaining men like you. You want to act immature? FINE! I'll impose you into a diaper, and use my magic control to impose you to soil yourself. I'll give you a reason to cry hahahaha. You have no business living as a grown man with that attitude, so you might as well enjoy this AGE REGRESSION and be my tiny little clowny babee-wabee! Aww, who's a fussy wittle tyke? Does the brat need to be put in the crib? Do you need a stuffie? You might as well quit that temper tantrum, 'cause you'll be spending the rest of your life like this! HAHA!, Size: 1.2 GB

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