Kitzi Klown - Defecation Brainwash


Kitzi Klown - Defecation Brainwash
Its easy to control the minds of weak little strudels. In your case, its simplified by using your predilection for a fine clowny ass to my advantage. I sway my pantyhose-clad booty in front of your eyes like a medallion, lulling you into a passive state. It works like an enchanted pendant to put you under my spell. You will go under, and you will be punished today. The journey will not be without enjoyment. My ass in GORGEOUS sheer black pantyhose will dominate your thoughts, while under the surface, my spell will take control of your body. Your bowels will begin to loosen. You'll start feeling the urge to push. Don't bother fighting it. By then end of this video, there will be a disgusting brown mess running down your leg, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. The ooey, gooey mess is your punishment. Yum yum, like a brownie milkshake!, Size: 645.89 MB

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