Kitzi Klown - Cum Eating Commitment


Kitzi Klown - Cum Eating Commitment
I know your shameful little secret.Besides being a fan of CEI videos, you don't even FINISH THEM. You get to the end and chicken out! You've never actually swallowed your load before... you're just a little cum-eating poser who likes the IDEA of doing it. WTF? Not today, buddy-boy. You're going to submit to this clown. I'm going to work you up to a nice big load, and you are going to swallow every drop for me. I know you're nervous, and its disgusting, but it will be sooo much easier with me here to guide you through it! You will feel ashamed, but you're also going to be so PROUD of yourself for FINALLY swallowing that salty, sticky mess just for Kitzi!, Size: 936.96 MB

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