Kitzi Klown - Confrontation


Kitzi Klown - Confrontation
I'm surprised to see you back again after your little, ah, home ordeal. Seems your girlfriend found out where you've been sneaking offto at night. She discovered your penchant for being dominated by a clown. HAHA I bet she is a humiliated wreck... wondering why she isn't enough for you... wondering why her man chose to serve a clown over spending time with his own girlfriend. Did she give you an ultimatum? Me or her? HAHAHA was she hurt when you chose me? LOL! You say she's going to show up here to claim her man? OHHH I HOPE SHE DOES,strudel. I'll turn her into an even better slave bitch than her boyfriend has been hahahaha. Bring it on!, Size: 471.24 MB

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