Kitzi Klown - Clowny Step-Sister


Kitzi Klown - Clowny Step-Sister
My dearest big brother! I was hoping to find you up here. Mom and Dad are out? Good. I wanted to talk to you about something. Listen, I understand home life has been hectic lately. Your momma married my dad, and so now we live in a blended family- humans and clowns under one roof! Lots of new things going on at home. HOWEVER. You're kind of dealing with it weird. I was snooping through your bedroom earlier, trying to get to know my new bro. I went on your computer, and I found CLOWN PORN! Whaaat?! What's wrong with you, jerking off to clowns when your new little SIS is a CLOWN? How creepy! You want to fuck me, you pervert! We're fam now! You're not supposed to fantasize about my clowny pussy. But LOOK! You're hard NOW! How sick! Wait until everyone finds out what a dirty freak you are, jerking it to your new little sister, Size: 595.97 MB

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