Kitzi Klown - Carousel Pony Birthday Gift


Kitzi Klown - Carousel Pony Birthday Gift
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Lucky boy, you have been gifted the pony you've always wished for! Even better, I come with a pole, so you have a carousel pony! How magical, to own your very own piece of the circus. I bet you're dreaming of riding me, especially bareback. Unfortunately this pony can tell you're kind of a loser. You're not exactly owner material, you know? YOU should be the one doing tricks, not me. Here, I have a few suuuper simple tasks for you- they're FUN! I'll even let you stroke your birthday candle for every pony trick you're able to perform. Maybe, just maybe, if you're a very good boy, you'll earn the chance to shoot your load of birthday frosting!, Size: 677.89 MB

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