Charlotte1996 - Teen rim and cumshot


Charlotte1996 - Teen rim and cumshot
If you're looking for a pretty, put-together Charlotte, this video isn't for you. This is very private footage of me where I'm degraded, used and drenched in what may (or may not) be piss, which we spend the first part of the video dirty talking about. (NOTE: there is no pissing in the video itself). I also tell my "daddy" what a filthy worthless slut I am before (and after) giving him a rim job, taking his cum all over my face and rubbing it in my pussy. The entire time I have a vibrator pressed hard against my clit, and my expressions give away how good it feels. This video was taken by a partner in a shower at an Airbnb in San Diego nearly a year ago, and it was never intended for sale. But after some consideration, I decided I shouldn't deprive you of this incredibly hot candid footage of me doing what I do best ☺️ (I also get off on the idea of other people seeing what a dirty slut I am). This is the most raunchy video I have ever released, so I hope you enjoy it., Size: 1.55 GB

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