Charlotte1996 - POV Creampie


Charlotte1996 - POV Creampie
I start by sucking your cock -- and at first I can swallow the whole thing, but once you're fully hard it gags me. I like that. I take off my clothes piece by piece as I continue sucking you, making sure to maintain eye contact as best I can. Once you're good and ready to fuck, I turn around and put your cock inside me from behind. I ride you several different ways and lick my pussy juice off your cock when we switch positions. Finally, when I can feel you start to spasm I tell you to fill me with your cum. After you're done, I spread my pussy so you can see it all dripping out, then I get my fingers wet with your cum and lick it off. And because I'm your good girl, I make sure to clean your cock with my tongue., Size: 226.17 MB

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