BuniBun - Quarantine with mommy


BuniBun - Quarantine with mommy
PLEASE READ DECSRIPTION FIRST THIS IS STRICTLY A BLOWJOB VID!!! SOLO VID THIS WAS A CUSTOM AND SCRIPT/MANY LINES WERE GIVEN TO ME WHAT YOU SEE IN PREVIEW ARE ONLY SCENES AND IN THAT ORDER FACIAL IS UNREALISTIC AND IT DOESNT SHOOT ON MY FACE ITS THICK SO I DRAG IT ON MY FACE I SAY "HUNNY" AND REFER TO MYSELF AS "MOMMY" ALOT I dont deepthroat PLOT: You see your mom in the kitchen in her robe and she tells you "Happy birthday!" and that she just finished making you your favorite birthday cake and if you want to sit down with her and have some together. You say yes but before you have some your mom wants to talk to you about something. She tells you she knows its your birthday and that you had plans to go to a house party your friends were throwing for you tonight but with the pandemic and quarantine going on your mom doesnt want you to go and tells you to stay home. She knows your upset about it, but tells you we can make your birthday special at home. She tells you she knows you were looking forward to going to the party because youve been stuck inside for so long because of the pandemic and that at your age you were probably looking to get some sex tonight with the girls at the party and realizes you must be sexually pent up and frustrated since being stuck inside so much. Your mom takes off her robe revealing very exotic and sexy lingerie telling you that you can have whatever you want tonight and that she knows how to be just as slutty as all the girls youd meet at the party. Your mom starts sucking you off until you give her a thick load all over her face., Size: 853.65 MB

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