BuniBun - Movie night with mommy


BuniBun - Movie night with mommy
PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION FIRST ALL SCENES IN PREVIEW ARE ONLY SCENES AND IN THAT ORDER....SO THERE IS NO ACTUAL DILDO IN MY PUSSY, JUST WHAT YOU SEE IN PREVIEW THIS WAS A CUSTOM, NO NAMES USED, ENTIRE SCRIPT/PLOT WAS GIVEN TO ME PLOT: Hey hunny are you ready for our special movie night together? Ive really been lookign forward to it, I know ive been so busy lately with work and havent spent alot of time with my special boy. I rented us a movie I thought we would both like so let me get in bed with you and we can cuddle while we watch ok? We watch the movie and I see a sex scene already in the movie, I try to cover your eyes and say dont look but we decide to get over it and watch the movie anyways. Mommy can see your cock getting hard from the sex scene and mommy is getting turned on too. Mommy is curious to see what your cock looks like from under the covers and cant help but suck it....it turns her on so much that she tells you to fuck her until you cum inside mommys pussy., Size: 752.88 MB

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