BuniBun - Mommy takes care of your morning wood


BuniBun - Mommy takes care of your morning wood
PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION FIRST ALL SCENES IN PREVIEW ARE ONLY SCENES AND IN THAT ORDER HANDJOB AND BJ VID ONLY, THIS IS NOT A FUCKING VID SOLO VID CUSTOM VID I SAY THE WORDS "SWEETIE" ALOT "B-A-BY" AND "SON" somewhat often PLOT: Your on a roadtrip with your family and they decided to pull over for the night and stay in a hotel to get some rest and wake up early so they can get back on the road for there family vacation. Your mom walks in your hotel room the next morning real early before the sun is even up wondering where you are because the family is late to hit the road. Mom walks in and catches you jerking off. Your mom gets upset with you and demands you to get out of bed but you insist you need to finish and cum. You arent budging even with mom in the room and shes desperate for you to get out of bed so we can all get back on our roadtrip. Mom decides to help you out and gets in bed with you as she starts to jerk you off. She tells you not to look at her because its weird enough but realizes if it helps you cum faster then its fine, eventually she breifly shows her tits and ass aslong as it helps you to cum faster for her. When she asks if your "close" to cumming and say no your not she gets upset saying that "we need to leave!" and says shes gunna have to use her mouth on you instead as that should do the trick to get you to cum and get out of bed. Mom sucks you off and she tells you to cum down her throat but instead you cum all over her face and make a huge mess all over her., Size: 2.45 GB

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