BuniBun - Mommy helps you with your erection | JOI


BuniBun - Mommy helps you with your erection | JOI
PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION FIRST SOLO VID ALL SCENES IN PREVIEW ARE PRETTY MUCH ONLY SCENES, MOST OF THE VID IS THE VIEWIN THE PREVIEW OF ME STANDING THERE WITH MY TITS IN VIEW (the buttview in preview is only about 4 min long) NOT A DETAILED JOI VID, I MOSTLY SAY STROKE IT FASTER, OR SLOWER, AND GET IT WET AND WHEN TO CUM FOR ME I REFER TO MYSELF AS "MOMMY" ALOT AND I SAY "HONEY" AND "SWEETIE" ALOT PLOT: You sneak up on your mom while she is in the kitchen baking your birthday cake before the family comes over for your birthday get together. You explain to your mom your in pain and tell her you have an erection and that it hurts. She tells you that shes gunna have to see your hardon to know whats going on with it, so you show her and she notices how big and swollen your cock is and that she's gunna help you take care of it because everyone will be over soon and she doesnt want you to have a raging hardon while all your family is over and doesnt want you to be in pain. Your mom tells you to spit on your hand and start slowly stroking it as she shows you her tits and continues to tease you with her ass and tits until she gives you a countdown from 10 to cum and you finally cum hard for mommy. (no fake cum in vid), Size: 1.2 GB

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