[CUSTOM] THanks for Sharing Albert! Start off the video wearing clothes like a teacher would wear and say something similar to "Hello I am your teacher Aiko" in English and then repeat the same sentence in Russian. Show me a paper with the Russian alphabet written on it and say in Russian something like "Now I will teach you the alphabet" Then say that it again in English. Slowly read through the alphabet pointing at the letters like you are teaching it. When we are finished say something like "good job" in Russian and English. Next tell me some simple sayings in Russian and then again in English just like a teacher would. "My name is Aiko"... "What time is it"... "Where is the toilet".... "Hello"... "Goodbye"...."Thank you"..."Yes"..."No"....Things like that. After that tell me something like "You've been a good student so I'm going to give you a reward" Say this in English and repeat in Russian. Slowly remove your clothes one at a time while teaching me the Russian word for each piece of clothing. After you are undressed slowly put on a different set of bra, stockings, panties, and heels while testing to see if I learned the first time. Ask me the name of each piece before you put it on and then repeat the Russian name ("Do you remember the word for panties?.....Yes it's good job" You could also teach me the colors of your clothes. Strip back down and tell me the English and Russian words for your body parts, arms, toes, bellybutton, nipples, pussy, clit, legs, etc. Also teach me some dirty words like Fuck or blowjob or anal. The last part is teaching me to count in Russian by putting things in your pussy or ass and counting them. Count how many pencils or chopsticks or erasers or marbles or grapes or whatever you want to use. End the video by saying your goodbye in English and repeating it in Russian., Size: 916.63 MB

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